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  • kapa

    Kapa Oil Refineries

    Kapa Oil Refineries Manufacturers of a good number of Human Consumable items got their Directors trained on Health and Wellness training and Personal Finance Training.  

  • ministry-of-defence

    Department of Defence

    ICT is also our area of Specialization. In 2015 we did a training to Defense Personells on Specialialized ICT Training.  In 2016 they also came in for Certified Information Systems Auditor, Network Auditing and Control techniques and N+ certification.  

  • Serena-Hotel-Logo

    Tourism Promotion Services

    Tourism Promotion Services Limited Serena Hotels in 2016 had a Directors training on different areas on Leadership and Management.

  • longhorn

    Longhorn Publishers

    Longhorn Publishers came in 2015 for Senior Managers training for Longhorn Leadership Development Program and Longhorn Strategy Development Program. This Programs were customised to fit into the needs of the Institution.

  • Print

    National Bank

    National Bank has been our client from 2015 and we have done much for them among  being the  “National Bank Leadership Development Program” targeting the senior managers.

  • cfc-stanbic

    CFC Stanbic Bank

    CFC Stanbic visited SRCC in 2015 to have their entrepreneur customers trained on Enterprise Development Skills. SRCC has done other trainings including Project Management and Excel training.  

  • bank-fo-africa

    Bank of Africa

    Bank of Africa came in on 2015 for a customised training to its Board members on perfomance and culture change.

  • Chase-Bank-logo

    Chase Bank

    Chase Bank  in 2015 wanted to have their New managers and middle level mangers trained on a customised program “Leading the Chase way”  This program was made to suit to the values and mission of the Institution.  

  • County-Pro-Logo

    Projects in County Governments

    The devolved government in the new constitution brought in Counties which had to come up with their own ways of collecting revenues. SRCC in patnership with other companies have been developing the systems which suit each County in maximisation of revenue collection. In 2014 we developed revenue collection systems for Kiambu County Government which is […]

  • safaricom

    Safaricom Programs

    Safaricom has been our client for a number of years since 2013 and we have done a number of programs for them among them being: Safaricom journalism and fellowship program Customized Safaricom Women Leadership Program Leadership Centre New Managers Program Corporate Centre-Business Partnering and Negotiation Program