Strathmore Research and Consultancy Center, SRCC, is the consulting arm of Strath­more University. We coordinate the consultancy work of the university to ensure that clients receive high quality advisory work under generally accepted commercial arrangements.

SRCC has been in operation from 2003. We work closely with university lecturers and alumni who run their own consultancies. On large assignments or on where the client’s solution requires capabilities beyond the inventory bank of SRCC and the university, we team up with credible partners and other subcontractors to deliver a seamless service to the client.

The forerunner of SRCC was the Corporate Training Department of Strathmore College which used to provide a wide range of training courses to companies in the private sector, government ministries, Parastatals, UN Bodies, NGO’s and others. However, the university realized that many clients who were happy with our high quality of services needed consulting that was closely related to the capacity building we were offering. For example, the IT department has many outstanding lecturers who have the sort of knowledge that can be utilized in consulting but the lecturers did not have a vehicle through which to bid for work.

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